Pop Up Funk Popup Book

A website was created for the book at www.PopUpFunk.com

I am very happy to announce that the Pop Up Funk popup book I’ve been working on with Jim Mahfood for the past 6 months has been released and is available for purchase at PopUpFunk.com! Pop Up Funk is a limited edition popup art book of artist Jim Mahfood/Food One’s artwork converted into popup spreads.

Pop Life PopUp

Pop Life Pop Up

Everybody Loves Tank Girl PopUp

Everybody Loves Tank Girl Pop Up

 In addition, six completely new pages of artwork were created for the project, making Pop Up Funk a truly unique custom art piece. The book features some of Jim’s most well known artwork, from comic book covers like ‘Everybody Loves Tank Girl’, ‘Ask for Janice’ and ‘Carl, the Cat That Makes Peanut Butter Sandwiches’, to mixed mixed work such as ‘Pop Life’ and ‘Cupid’s Death’.

PopUp Funk Covers

Pop Up Funk Covers

Making a popup book is something that I’ve had on my pipedream list for years, and it’s a great feeling to finally do it and hold it in my hands, especially after working on almost only web/digital work for so long. And there’s not a better artist to do this with than Jim, just figuring out how to deconstruct his art to do this is an insane idea itself, but we got it done. And I’m happy to add that it’s self published and made entirely in the USA.

Front Cover Art of PopUp Funk

Front Cover Art of Pop Up Funk

Back Cover Art of PopUp Funk

Back Cover Art of Pop Up Funk

Jim created new art for six of the ten popup pages in Pop Up Funk, ranging from redrawing parts of Carl to adding entirely new artwork as the backgrounds of well known work such as Pop Life and Cupid’s Death. In addition, six pages of entirely new artwork was created for Pop Up Funk: the front and back covers, and the inner front and back double spreads, all exclusive to Pop Up Funk!

Carl Th Cat That Makes Peanut Butter Sandwiches PopUp

Carl Th Cat That Makes Peanut Butter Sandwiches Pop Up

Special thanks to Marc Meyer David A. Carter Timmy Fine Justin Stewart Jim Mahfood and everybody else (printers, book binders and most importanly other paper engineers) that have helped or given advice along the way.

Cupid's Death PopUp

Cupid’s Death Pop Up

Each book is hand-made with love and precision in the United States, is signed & numbered with an original drawing by @jimmahfood. This is an over-the-top really insane item. You sort of have to see it to believe it. Perfect for holiday gift-giving. There’s even a deluxe AP Edition that comes with an 18″x24″ print of the back cover artwork, and additional piece of original art by Mahfood, and a Pervert Train button. Only 10 APs available!

DISCO Destroyer PopUp

DISCO Destroyer Pop Up


A website was created for the book at www.PopUpFunk.com

A website was created for the book at www.PopUpFunk.com


Pop Up Funk has been featured on: Spanky Stokes, Design You Trust, DesignSpotter & Streets of Beige.

Learn more about the book and buy one at PopUpFunk.com


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