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Pop Up Art

puab-1 Funded on Kickstarter in December 2014, The Pop Up Art Book is a collaborative art book that brings together some of the most creative minds from street art, comic books, illustration, fine art and other mediums in pop up format. Rosstamicah made the website…and the book!

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Pretty in Plastic

pip-screen-gallery The latest website project Rosstamicah has launched is a redesign of Pretty in Plastic’s site. Pretty in Plastic is a Los Angeles based art fabrication shop that is internationally known for their work with fine artists and designer toy multiples. The new is a complete look at the studio’s projects over the years, as well as a new portal for Pretty in Plastic’s blog and upcoming online shop. As an owner of several pieces that Pretty in Plastic has created over the years, and fan of many of the featured artists (kozyndan, Tristan Eaton, Tara McPherson, Luke Cheuh, Gary Baseman, Friends With You) this was an exciting art website design project to work on both professionally and personally.

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The Artwork of Jim Mahfood


In the works for the past few months, Rosstamicah is proud to announce the launch of the new website. Jim Mahfood aka Food One is a freelance artist working in the fields of illustration, comic books, and more. He is one of the most unique and widey recognized talents in the art world today, and the new site showcases his fifteen plus year body of work like never before. A long overdue redo, the new site features updated artwork galleries, Jim’s popular blog, Projects, Videos, an updated shopping cart and more.

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Marc Paper Scissor


Project Details:

Marc Paper Scissor needed a new website to coincide with his cover story on local magazine’s WeMerge‘s Spring 2011 issue. The new website features a blog, updated artwork galleries, and header/navigation icons showing Marc’s signature art style.

About Marc Paper Scissor:

Marc Paper Scissor is a South Florida based artist best known for his work with cut paper. He uses only color cardstock paper, regular scissors (no-exacto knifes), glue stick, a black sharpie to create his art. His artwork has been exhibited in galleries, music festivals and many different venues, as well as used for album art, show posters, murals, T-shirts, and charity auctions.


Click here to visit Marc Paper Scissor

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