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pip-screen-gallery The latest website project Rosstamicah has launched is a redesign of Pretty in Plastic’s site. Pretty in Plastic is a Los Angeles based art fabrication shop that is internationally known for their work with fine artists and designer toy multiples. The new is a complete look at the studio’s projects over the years, as well as a new portal for Pretty in Plastic’s blog and upcoming online shop. As an owner of several pieces that Pretty in Plastic has created over the years, and fan of many of the featured artists (kozyndan, Tristan Eaton, Tara McPherson, Luke Cheuh, Gary Baseman, Friends With You) this was an exciting art website design project to work on both professionally and personally. The new Pretty in Plastic website was built with the X theme/framework built for using the on WordPress. The company’s blogspot blog was imported into the new site, and a portfolio of over 80 project needed to be sorted and tagged. A custom sorting solution using the Media Grid responsive portfolio plugin was setup on the Projects page to solve the issue of properly sorting Pretty in Plastic’s portfolio. Finally, a client login section was created to allow Pretty in Plastic to give their clients access to a private Dropbox folder to view or add project updates.

The homepage layout

Design wise, the simplicity of the site’s pink, yellow and white color scheme is a great complement to the company’s vast art portfolio that is literally bursting (or dripping) with color. A full width responsive grid based theme and square images were chosen to create a simple visually connection that also work well with Instagram’s default square size. The yellow drip toolbar section completes the look, giving viewers access to Pretty in Plastic’s important contact information, social media accounts, and client login and quote request pages.

A kozyndan project featured on

Check out the new Pretty in Plastic website at

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