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Atlas Party Rental Website Redesign

atlas-home A website redesign for South Florida based Atlas Party Rental has been launched. Atlas Party Rental is a leader in the event rental industry and a top player in South Florida, and Rosstamicah has worked with Atlas for several years now. This redesign of the Atlas site moved from the Joomla platform over to WordPress. The event rental quote request system that was implemented in the previous iteration of the site was carried over to the new WordPress website using WooCommerce as the cart system. The Warp responsive framework was used for the design, giving this redesign job for Atlas Party Rental a real facelift and makes it even easier for Atlas’s customers to view and request event rental items.

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Pretty in Plastic

pip-screen-gallery The latest website project Rosstamicah has launched is a redesign of Pretty in Plastic’s site. Pretty in Plastic is a Los Angeles based art fabrication shop that is internationally known for their work with fine artists and designer toy multiples. The new is a complete look at the studio’s projects over the years, as well as a new portal for Pretty in Plastic’s blog and upcoming online shop. As an owner of several pieces that Pretty in Plastic has created over the years, and fan of many of the featured artists (kozyndan, Tristan Eaton, Tara McPherson, Luke Cheuh, Gary Baseman, Friends With You) this was an exciting art website design project to work on both professionally and personally.

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