New and Useful Gmail Plugins

Web based email services are increasingly more and more popular. Yahoo! currently losing market share to Google’s Gmail service. This can be partially attributed to the rise of Android devices, but mostly because Gmail is simply a powerful, reliable and easy to use webmail service.

For years, Gmail users have seen an ever-expanding list of features for their web-based email service. These include labels, and most recently, the Priority Inbox feature for prioritizing emails. But there are other ways to expand your Gmail service with browser plugins that give power users even more options for the world’s biggest web based email service. Plugins such as Boomerang, Rapportive and Wisestamp have changed the way people use Gmail.

These plugins allow functionality as scheduled emails, socially integrated signatures, and contact relation management. Modern web browsers such as Firefox and Chrome support these extensions (sorry, IE users, you lose again!) and we are beginning to see integration with other webmail services as well as mail clients such as Outlook and Thunderbird.

Rapportive: A Social CRM Tool for Your Email



Replace Google Ads with relevant information you’re actually going to read? Yes, please! Rapportive is a plugin that extends Gmail’s contact system with direct links about the people you’re contacting. It essentially replaces the Sponsored Links found on the right side of the Gmail interface with a short informational bio about your contact.

The bio show your contact’s recent tweets, links to social profiles (Linkedin, Facebook), and allows for notes on the person. Other than simply replacing the right side ads, Rapportive also helps you expand your network. For example: You have a contact who you email regularly but are not connected to on the social web.

Rapportive searches the web for that person’s information, and now you not only have links to connect with them on Linkedin and Facebook, but you can see their latest tweets.

All without doing any searching or going through any lists. It’s automatic, it’s useful, and it works. While Rapportive is a third party plugin that does a Gmail user’s login credentials stay within GMail, Rapportive doesn’t store or have access to your password. Rapportive is currently available for the Firefox, Safari and Chrome browsers. Click here to Download Rapportive.

WiseStamp: Sophisticated Email Signatures



Wisestamp is a plugin that bridges the gap between the social web and email signatures. Gmail users are currently limited with what they can do “out of the box” with Gmail. Wisestamp allows full customization including not only custom font styles and images but dynamic RSS Feeds, Latest Tweets, and links to a slew of social media sites.

Multiple signatures can be also saved within Wisestamp for different e-mail accounts, say one for business and another for personal email. The add-on is currently available for the Firefox and Chrome browsers and is available for use in not only Gmail but also Hotmail, Yahoo! and AOL mail. Click here to Download WiseStamp.

Boomerang: Schedule Your Emails



While Google recently unveiled the Priority Inbox service for all Gmail users, the system requires you spend a good bit of time actually prioritizing everything in your inbox. The Boomerang plugin is a simpler solution to scheduling when you send and receive your emails.

Boomerang works by adding a drop down menu to the Gmail interface, which only shows up in the compose or individual read windows and not the main mailbox view, so you can’t schedule multiple emails to send out at the same time. One of the most useful parts of Boomerang is sending emails to all send out at the same time. So even if you’re working late into the night on something, all of your emails can be scheduled to send out at 9:00 am the next morning. Click here to Download Boomerang.

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