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Mahashakti Foundation


The Mahashakti Foundation, YogaFox Studio’s nonprofit organization, has had it’s website redesigned in conjunction with the new YogaFox site. Mahashakti’s annual YogaFest yoga festival is entering it fourth year, and the newly designed website reflects the success and support that YogaFest has had the past three years. The site also features Mahashakti’s other outreach programs as well as a grant application for anyone looking to work with the foundation on a community based yoga/music/meditation project.

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YogaFox Homepage Homepage

The website was redesigned for 2013. The site was prevoiusly using the Joomla CMS, and this redesign project saw the site move over to the more robust WordPress platform. New features added to the site are an e-commerce shop selling class cards, annual memberships, and YogaFox products; a categorized blog to separate the many workshops and events that YogaFox has, as well as a responsive layout to handle mobile and tablet viewers.

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Jacob Sharff


Rosstamicah developed  a personal website for South Florida based paraplegic athlete (and friend) Jacob Sharff. For the past few years Jacob has been running an informational blog called How I Roll that informs, educates, and entertains people about living life confined to a wheelchair. The How I Roll site has proved to be a much needed informational resource for green (new) paraplegics, and thus creating a personal brand (and website) for Jacob is the next logical extension of his online outreach.

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Lake Whitney Redesign


Rosstamicah Design worked with the team at Willard Development on a redesign of the website for the Lake Whitney Medical & Office Campus project that is located in Port St. Lucie, FL. As part of a 36 month plan to fill each office building on the campus with tenants as the buildings are completed, the new website is just one part of the ongoing sales and marketing efforts that are bringing small businesses and medical offices to the new space.

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Lovella Cuisine


“Lovella Cuisine” recently launched with a trio of products that meets a currently underserved need in the marketplace by offering healthy, high-quality products that are offered at price points that are currently not being met in either the retail or food service sectors. The first products developed for Lovella Cuisine are chicken/beef meatballs, mini cheese ravioli’s and cheese tortellini’s.

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