Sponsorist featured on BizBash.com

Sponsorist was featured as one of BizBash.com’s  ‘5 New Digital Services That Connect Events and Sponsorshttp://www.bizbash.com/sponsorist/gallery/103374 “Sponsorship is a critical issue for planners and brands. Whether the event is a community festival or a global technology conference, sponsors add dollars to the bottom line for the organizer. For the brands, event sponsorship can create strategic marketing opportunities to reach a target demographic. Here’s a look at five services working to simplify and improve the business of sponsorship sales. 3. Founder Rosston Meyer describes Sponsorist as being similar to Kickstarter: The platform makes it easy for anyone—individuals or businesses of any size—to sponsor events, nonprofits, schools, and sports teams. He launched the site in November 2011 and currently has more than 100 listings of events and groups looking for funding. Planners can create a listing for free, which includes the event’s date, location, description, and sponsorship opportunities. Meyer reviews each one before making it live.
Sponsors can browse categories such as tech events, sports, or charity sponsorships. By the end of the year, potential sponsors will be able to search events by location. There will also be an embeddable widget so planners can add Sponsorist to their event’s Web site. Sponsorist collects a fee of 10 percent from every sponsorship sold, and Meyer said so far there has been more than $10,000 in sponsorships sold. In the coming months, he plans to focus on reaching out to potential sponsors to make them aware of the site. “Right now it’s primarily a tool for organizers to help them manage their sponsorship sales in one place,” he said.