Sponsorist Beta Launches

Announcing the launch of Sponsorist – a unique networking website for individuals and organizations searching for the perfect sponsor. Named one of the top “Killer Start Ups” of 2011 by killerstartups.com and noted in the Wall Street Journal – Sponsorist has already caught the attention of philanthropic minded individuals, and this is only the beginning. Meyer, the Founder of Sponsorist, strongly believes in the ever-growing need to connect people with sponsors. What started as an idea when Meyer was working for the Jewish Federation in Boca Raton, Florida, quickly turned into a fully-functioning website. Once the alpha version was launched in March, Meyer raised money through local website Peerbackers.com and then developed the completed beta version that launched in October of 2011. While working for the Jewish Federation, Meyer noticed how difficult it was for people who were not wealthy or a part of a big company to get sponsors for events, fundraisers, marathons, and more. He knew that there had to be a better solution. Sponsorist is the ultimate answer, giving individuals the chance to browse through the website, link up with sponsors and pre- select a percentage that will automatically go to a charity of the listing user’s choice. Now that there is a virtual marketplace for sponsors, charities, and all things non-profit, people are finally given the chance to buy sponsors (at a reasonable rate) for practically anything. Sponsorist offers free listings to non-profits. For more information about Sponsorist visit www.sponsorist.com or contact info@sponsorist.com

About Sponsorist:

Under the direction of Rosston Meyer, Founder and Operator, Sponsorist is a fully-functioning, virtual marketplace for individuals to link up with sponsors all over the United States. With a percentage of all funds raised, donated to a charity of choice, customers are finally free to browse for the sponsors and charities they are most interested in. Sponsorist officially launched in October of 2011 and was named one of the “Killer Start-ups” of 2011 by killerstartup.com.